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How to participate in the Dreamers presale

The Dreamers presale is happening from October 10 through October 15, or until the collection is sold out. Whitelisting of new user wallets will continue through October 15, so if you have not yet submitted a request to be whitelisted, do so here:

Users will be notified if they are approved for this whitelist via email. If you have not been approved yet, you may still receive an email in the coming days (Be sure to check your spam folder!).

As we have discussed previously, there are two whitelists. The first referenced above, is joinable via the Google Form. The second is an auto-whitelist for users who hold Dreamloops.

Both whitelists can purchase through the 15th — however we are anticipating a sell-out during presale, so it is advised to mint sooner than later.

This Dreamloops holder whitelist has some special features you should be aware of.

  1. You may purchase 1 Dreamer for each Dreamloop owned. However there is a maximum of 2 purchases per wallet address.
  2. Each Dreamloop can only be used to purchase a Dreamer once. We are keeping track of token IDs to prevent users from reusing the same Dreamloops to purchase across multiple wallets

How to purchase…

Upon visiting the presale page ( you will first need to connect your MetaMask wallet using the connect button in the upper right hand corner

Click this in the upper right corner of the site.

Once connected you will have two checkout options on the Buy page…

First, a section to check out if you have been whitelisted from our Google Form. This is a standard purchase process, with a purchase limit of 3 Dreamers per wallet address.

Whitelist presale checkout for users who applied using the Google Form

If you scroll down on this presale page you will see the second option, purchasing using the Dreamloops holder auto-whitelist.

Dreamloops holder presale checkout

To purchase here, you will have to first enter the token ID of a Dreamloop you own in the “Dreamloop ID” field. If you do not know the token IDs of your Dreamloops, you may reference them easily by looking at your OpenSea collection page. The token ID will be in the title of your Dreamloop. Please enter just the number of the token (no # required).

Our system will verify that this token ID has not been used, at which point, you can complete your purchase. If you wish to purchase a second Dreamer in this manner, enter the token ID of a second Dreamloop that you own. You can only purchase using this method twice from a single wallet.

There are some known issues with hardware wallet purchases, please let us know in Discord if you are having trouble and we will assist you.

Thank you for participating in our presale!

If you have any questions or issues, please let us know on Discord via

Creators of Dreamers and Dreamloops, audiovisual NFTs — some redeemable for physical media (vinyl/cassette). More info at