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How to Download and Make Shareable Videos of your Dreamloops…

Our users have been asking us how to easily download the animation and audio of their Dreamloops. We’ve implemented a couple UI/UX changes on our website to better accommodate this. Instructions are outlined in the steps below, along with a short tutorial walking you through the process of combining the .gif and .mp3 of your Dreamloops into an .mp4 video that you can share on your social media.

Step 1. Download the music.

Once on your My Dreamloops page, select any unwrapped Dreamloop by clicking on it, displaying its attributes. To download the audio, you now just need to right-click on your Dreamloop and select “Save audio as…” to save the mp3 to your computer.

Step 2. Download the animation

Step 3. Combine the audio and animation into a video file.

  1. Navigate to Once here, sign-in to the editor using the “Sign In” link in the upper right corner. If not signed in, any video you export will contain a Kapwing watermark.

2. Click the “+ Add Media” button and select the .mp3 you just downloaded.

3. Click the “+ Add Media” button again, this time selecting the .gif you downloaded previously.

4. You will now see both the .mp3 and .gif loaded into your workspace. Mouseover over both the .mp3 and .gif and click the blue “+” button to add them to your “canvas.”

5. Once both are in your canvas, you will see a timeline appear below. You can drag each piece of media within the timeline to lengthen or shorten the video, or you can simply leave them at the default length. Be sure that both are extended the same length across the timeline, otherwise one of your media files will be missing from a portion of the video.

6. Once satisfied with the length of the video. Click the green “Export Video” button in the upper right corner. This will take you to a new page while it renders your video. Give Kapwing a moment to render the new video for you. After it has completed rendering. You will be able to download the video using the “Download” button.

5. Share your Dreamloops with your friends! The .mp4 videos you export using the above steps will share easily to social media sites like Twitter or Instagram.

We hope this guide was helpful! Drop into our Discord using the link below and let us know if you have any issues with the above process.


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