How to “Unfreeze” Your Dreamers

Your Dreamer will look like this until “unfrozen” or “awakened”

Connect to the “My Bitlectro” Page at

Click this first

Select the Dreamer you want to “unfreeze”

The My Bitlectro page which will display your Dreamers
Click this to awaken or unfreeze your Dreamer
The cryostasis room

Accept the MetaMask request and pay the gas fee

You will now need to accept a request in your Metamask wallet. This will cost a small Ethereum gas fee. As gas fees vary throughout the day, you may want to time your awakenings strategically.



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Bitlectro Labs

Bitlectro Labs

Creators of Dreamers and Dreamloops, audiovisual NFTs — some redeemable for physical media (vinyl/cassette). More info at