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Dreamloops Snapshot Date and Details for Claiming Dreamers

Many of our users have been asking how to receive Dreamers from the upcoming snapshot, and when the snapshot will occur, the details and timelines are available below!

Snapshot Date and Times

In order to receive the airdrop you must hold your Dreamloops within the same wallet from October 8 at 12:00 AM UTC through October 14 11:59 PM UTC.

Specifically, keep your Dreamloops at the same wallet address during this time window. This will ensure that you have access to claim your Dreamers.

Claim Details

For every 2 Dreamloops held in a wallet during the October 8 through October 14 window, collectors will later receive 1 Dreamer, claimable after the sale of the remaining Dreamers. The total is rounded down, not up — so 3 Dreamloops with give you access to 1 Dreamer, whereas 4 Dreamloops will grant you 2 Dreamers, 50 Dreamloops will grant you 25 Dreamers, etc.

You will be able to claim your Dreamers shortly after the public sale, which is scheduled to occur on October 16th. There is no deadline to claim your Dreamers. Claiming your Dreamers from our site will cost a small Ethereum gas fee, so we suggest timing your claim when gas fees are lowest.

Also important to note, the traits of your Dreamloops have no effect on the Dreamers you receive. Traits will be randomly distributed across the collection. All Dreamloops are eligible for the airdrop, regardless of whether they are wrapped or unwrapped!

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