Dreamloops Album Redemption Update!

Metadata Updates

First, as most of you know, to claim a physical pressing of the Dreamloops album, your Dreamloop must first have the appropriate “Redeemable” metadata, specifically, it must be tagged with Cassette, Vinyl, or Vinyl & Cassette. Second, a redeemable Dreamloop must be unwrapped and have been held in the same wallet for a total of 182.5 days or greater to begin the redemption process.

  • Cassette
  • Vinyl
  • Vinyl & Cassette
  • Vinyl — Ready for Redemption
  • Vinyl & Cassette — Ready for Redemption
  • Already Redeemed — Not Redeemable

Redemption Process

Soon there will be a change to the My Bitlectro portion of our website. You will be able to access your Dreamloops on the site using a simple toggle.

Click to change which collection you are viewing
Once staked for 182.5 days, you will see this button with a redeemable Dreamloop.


The Redeemable metadata states will begin to change today, December 13.





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Bitlectro Labs

Bitlectro Labs

Creators of Dreamers and Dreamloops, audiovisual NFTs — some redeemable for physical media (vinyl/cassette). More info at bitlectrolabs.com