Dreamers Launch Schedule and Roadmap

Here are the important dates for the upcoming Dreamers release! Also, this post will outline our roadmap goals and forecasted timelines for specific development milestones.

As a reminder, the total collection size of the Dreamers is 15,000. A maximum of 5,000 Dreamers will be airdropped to current Dreamloops holders at a rate of 1 Dreamer per 2 Dreamloops owned (rounded down). Based on current on-chain analysis, roughly 4,200 Dreamers are currently slated to be distributed to Dreamloops holders.

The remainder of the collection (a minimum 10,000 Dreamers, currently estimated at around 10,800) are scheduled to be sold.

October 8 — October 14 (Snapshot Window)

In order to receive the Dreamers airdrop for Dreamloops holders you must hold your Dreamloops within the same wallet from October 8 at 12:00 AM UTC through October 14 11:59 PM UTC.

Dreamloops purchased after the start of the snapshot window will not be eligible for the airdrop. It is recommended to hold your Dreamloops in a MetaMask wallet, exchange wallets like Coinbase are not recommended.

Specifically, keep your Dreamloops at the same wallet address during this time window. This will ensure that you have access to obtain your allotted Dreamers in the airdrop claim.

For every 2 Dreamloops held in a wallet during the October 8 through October 14 window, collectors will later receive 1 Dreamer, claimable after the sale of the remaining Dreamers on October 16. The total is rounded down, not up — 4 Dreamloops will grant you 2 Dreamers, 50 Dreamloops will grant you 25 Dreamers, etc.

October 10–15 (Dreamers Pre-sale for whitelist)

We will have a pre-sale of the Dreamers for whitelisted users beginning on the 10th of October. This whitelisted pre-sale will allow our community to purchase Dreamers without incurring the gas battle endemic to recent NFT drops. The purchase limit per whitelisted wallet will be 2 Dreamers . Sale price is 0.06 Ethereum.

How do you get whitelisted? There are two ways.

First, you will get auto whitelisted by owning a Dreamloop. That is, if you have a Dreamloop in your wallet, you will be able to purchase from the pre-sale mint. However, you must hold at least 1 Dreamloop for each Dreamer you intend to mint, with a maximum of 2 purchases per wallet for this specific whitelist(i.e., you can purchase one Dreamer if you own 1 Dreamloop, and 2 Dreamers if you own 2 or more Dreamloops). We are tracking token IDs for this purpose, so once a Dreamer is purchased using a specific Dreamloop as part of the whitelist, that same Dreamloop cannot be transferred to a new wallet to purchase again. Also note, regardless of how many Dreamloops you have in your wallet, you will only be able to purchase two Dreamers from the pre-sale in this manner per wallet address. To be sure you can purchase a Dreamer by owning a Dreamloop, have your Dreamloops ready in your wallet before October 10th. If you buy off the secondary markets in order to purchase from the whitelist after October 10th, there is no guarantee that the previous owner has not used this specific Dreamloop to purchase from the presale — making it ineligible for purchase again. The best way to ensure you can participate in the pre-sale by owning Dreamloops is to ensure you have them in your wallet before October 10th. Dreamloops are available on OpenSea.

Second, we will have a separate whitelist for active community members. There will be many opportunities to get whitelisted in this manner, but the first things you can do to start the process of getting whitelisted is ensure that you have joined our Discord and follow us on Twitter. Whitelisting will be ongoing through the 15th or until the collection sells out.

Users CAN purchase from both whitelists if they both own Dreamloops and have been added to the second whitelist using the form below.

Whitelist form link: https://forms.gle/L3X7xWCSASiJ9f1y6

October 16 (Dreamers Public Sale)

The public sale is slated for Saturday October 16 at 4:00 PM PDT (11:00 PM UTC). The remaining Dreamers will be sold in the public sale at this time. Sale price 0.06 Ethereum.

October 16 (Dreamers Airdrop Claim Begins)

Recipients of the airdrop from our previous snapshot will be able to begin claiming their Dreamers shortly after the public sale begins. The Dreamers allotted to Dreamloops holders from the snapshot will be claimed from a link and cost a small gas fee to claim. In order to reduce gas fees, recipients of the airdrop will be able to claim these at any time. Presently there is no deadline to claim the Dreamers from the airdrop — and we encourage users to do so when Ethereum gas rates are favorable.

October 16 (Cryostasis Awakening begins)

Like the Dreamloops, Dreamers metadata will be revealed when the holder chooses. While Dreamloops need to be unwrapped, Dreamers will be unfrozen from their long sleep in cryostasis.

Roadmap Timelines and Targets

Sale Target 60% (~6,000 Dreamers sold):
Voxelized versions of Dreamers will be minted for free to Dreamers holders for use in The Sandbox metaverse. As a partner of The Sandbox we aim to build metaverse experiences for our users in our partner parcel! Estimated delivery in Q1 2022

This skeleton is a work in progress — final versions to be revealed at a later date!

Sale Target 80% (~8,000 Dreamers sold):
Physical music releases of the Dreamers collection, specifically, vinyl and cassette pressings. The Distribution method for this physical release is TBD, but we aim to make it easily accessible to all Dreamers holders. Estimated delivery Q1-Q2 2022

Sale Target 100% (~10,000 Dreamers sold):
The Dreamlands Battle Arena, an automated, tokenized (ERC-20) battle arena where you will battle your Dreamers against others for fame, glory, and of course tokens. The Battle Arena will integrate Dreamloops as power-ups to be equipped in battle, and include the musical compositions of the Dreamers and Dreamloops collections. There will also be additional releases of wearable NFT modifiers to buff or alter your Dreamers’ game attributes. Estimated version 1.0 delivery Q3 2022


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