Bitlectro Labs Updates — June 2021 — Preliminary Roadmap, Apparel, Metaverse Parties, and more…

First off, we would like to thank our community for the resounding amount of support we’ve had since our launch on June 13th. Our Discord has fostered great conversation and enthusiasm about the future of Bitlectro Labs and Dreamloops. Keep the ideas coming! With this in mind, we’d like to address a few things that have garnered consistent discussion in our channels below.


While we are going to roll out a formal roadmap for Bitlectro Labs in the coming weeks — we feel it is pertinent to discuss a handful of the efforts the team will be undertaking throughout the rest of the year. This includes but is not limited to, development, marketing, and partnership efforts. Below is a tentative, and non-comprehensive list of current and upcoming plans/efforts.

Dreamloops Apparel Drop #1: As alluded to on our Discord server, Bitlectro Labs will have its first apparel drop of Dreamloops gear, only available to Dreamloops holders. Instructions on how to participate in this release will be shared in the coming days.

Partnerships: We are currently in early conversations with teams to facilitate collaborative cross-promotional partnerships and potential future technology integrations to bring Dreamloops to broader audiences.

Cryptovoxels Parties: Our pre-release Cryptovoxels party was an absolute smash. Over the course of the event (which we scheduled for only 2.5 hours but ran for 4), over 1,500 partygoers came to our parcel in the Metaverse. Because of the excitement generated at the event, we have decided to host a monthly party in our Cryptovoxels gallery starting in July. In line with the above discussed promotional partnership efforts, we are looking for co-sponsor/co-hosts for our future events within the NFT space. If your team would like to join us for the next party, please get in contact with us at

Additional Artist Releases: Since inception, Bitlectro Labs was founded to do a series of audio-visual releases from different artist/musician combinations. Our first release is tentatively scheduled for August — with the specific artist / musician collaboration to be announced in July.

Dreamloops Physical Redemption: Not to be forgotten, the physical Dreamloop redemptions will begin in December, when the first Dreamloops staked for 182.5 days will begin receiving their redemption tokens! Prior to this, our redemption portal will launch, with easy guides outlining how to redeem your physical copies.

“The Dreamer Cross-Chain Genesis Event”: Without spoiling the surprise, the Dreamer Cross-Chain Genesis Event is a working title for something in development that we are planning to launch in the Fall of 2021. This event will have touch-points with the existing Dreamloops collection — the details of which will be outlined in the coming weeks.

Voxels Party

Our next Cryptovoxels party is scheduled for Friday, July 23rd. For those of you that missed our previous party, we’ve shared a video of the event. Like our first event, we will have some giveaways and fun surprises. DJ lineup, time, and co-sponsors will be announced soon.


Here is a leak of one of the designs to be launched in our apparel release coming shortly. Keep an eye on your email if you want to participate in the sale. Prices will be reasonable, but the line will only be available to current Dreamloops holders.

How to Download and Make Videos of Your Dreamloops

We published a short and easy guide explaining how to download your Dreamloops media and create mp4 movies to share across your social media channels… Read the full guide here:

Marketing and Media

We’ve done a number of media appearances in support of Dreamloops, including NFT Live, Upland Action News, and The Schiller as of late. We have more appearances on the calendar for the coming weeks. If there is a favorite NFT related content producer you’d like to see us engage with, let us know!

Visual Mash-up Contest

Later this week we will launch the Dreamloops visual mash-up contest where we encourage our community to mash-up visual elements of Dreamloops with visual elements from other NFT projects! The best ones will win a wrapped Dreamloop. In order to make this easier, we will share files containing cropped elements from the collection for your editing needs. Contest details incoming shortly!

Much, much more to come! Stay tuned.


To speak with the team directly about the project, please join our Discord:

Follow our Twitter for the latest giveaway and release announcements:



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