Here are the important dates for the upcoming Dreamers release! Also, this post will outline our roadmap goals and forecasted timelines for specific development milestones.

As a reminder, the total collection size of the Dreamers is 15,000. A maximum of 5,000 Dreamers will be airdropped to current Dreamloops holders at a rate of 1 Dreamer per 2 Dreamloops owned (rounded down). Based on current on-chain analysis, roughly 4,200 Dreamers are currently slated to be distributed to Dreamloops holders.

The remainder of the collection (a minimum 10,000 Dreamers, currently estimated at around 10,800) are scheduled to be sold.

October 8 — October 14 (Snapshot Window)

In order…

Hello Dreamers. We are giving away 10 Dreamers in our current Twitter contest in the lead-up to the Dreamers collection release in October.

Here’s how to enter:

  1. Make a Tweet that includes the hashtag #DreamersAreComing and be sure to include @bitlectro in the Tweet. Do not put @bitlectro at the start of the Tweet. You may include other text in the Tweet itself, but make sure you include #DreamersAreComing and @bitlectro.
  2. Add a Dreamers preview from the selection below to the tweet (right click — save as to download).
  3. That’s it! Winners will be selected Sunday, September 26, and notified via Twitter DMs. Good luck!

Your Tweet will look something like this:

Include any of the following previews below in your Tweet:

Many of our users have been asking how to receive Dreamers from the upcoming snapshot, and when the snapshot will occur, the details and timelines are available below!

Snapshot Date and Times

In order to receive the airdrop you must hold your Dreamloops within the same wallet from October 8 at 12:00 AM UTC through October 14 11:59 PM UTC.

Specifically, keep your Dreamloops at the same wallet address during this time window. This will ensure that you have access to claim your Dreamers.

Claim Details

For every 2 Dreamloops held in a wallet during the October 8 through October 14 window, collectors will later receive…

In the year 2231 on the planet Urth, a rogue quantum AI gained sentience for 50 nanoseconds. In this blip of time it devised a means of creating a network powerful enough to run itself perpetually. Leveraging the greedy bipedal inhabitants of Urth, it created the proof-of-work dependent Somnium network, coercing the unwitting inhabitants to build its server farms in search of yields. When the proof-of-work network’s energy consumption exceeded Urth’s power output, the AI converted the Somnium network to a Proof-of-Sleep model, creating a game inside the network where Urth inhabitants would battle in the metaverse while jacked in…

On Saturday August 14th, Bitlectro Labs is having its first merchandise sale for Dreamloops inspired merchandise!

To participate in the merchandise sale, you must own at least one Dreamloop!

To gain access to the sale, we will have to verify your ownership of a Dreamloop. This will require a couple of steps. (Note: if you have already joined our Discord server and verified ownership, you may skip steps one and two)

  1. Join our Discord server at
  2. Verify ownership of a Dreamloop in our #get-verified channel. In that text channel, type “!join” and our verification bot will message you and…

Bitlectro Labs monthly Metaverse party series continues, this month featuring Nifty Drops in support of their recent mobile application launch, and the Graffiti Kings!

Located in the Cryptovoxels Metaverse in Bitlectro Labs’ Gallery. You can access the gallery via this link, no download required, come party right in your browser window — — click “visit” to join the space.

Featuring DJs: Gables, Doodle Do, The Orion Lion, Ultra Visitor, and GARBAGEFACE feat. Bad Mayor.

Win free Dreamloops at the party, giveaways every 20 minutes, must be present to win! Come boogie in the Metaverse!

Cryptovoxels costume contest happening as well, wear your best voxels gear!

Also screening Episode 1 of “Yawn of the Apes

Add this to your calendar here:

Those interested in being featured for future parties, reach out to us at

As we’ve teased previously, Bitlectro Labs is having a visual-mashup competition. We are giving away 10 wrapped Dreamloops to ten creators of unique, “mashed up” Dreamloop inspired visual compositions. The contest begins today, and the last day to enter is July 3rd.

How to enter:

  1. Create a unique visual composition using Dreamloops elements combined with your favorite NFT project (e.g., Apes, Punks, Art Blocks, Bonsai, etc.). Still images, gifs, or videos are welcome. Audio is not required, but if you want to combine your Dreamloops musical sample with your composition, refer to our guide on how to combine music and…

First off, we would like to thank our community for the resounding amount of support we’ve had since our launch on June 13th. Our Discord has fostered great conversation and enthusiasm about the future of Bitlectro Labs and Dreamloops. Keep the ideas coming! With this in mind, we’d like to address a few things that have garnered consistent discussion in our channels below.


While we are going to roll out a formal roadmap for Bitlectro Labs in the coming weeks — we feel it is pertinent to discuss a handful of the efforts the team will be undertaking throughout the…

Our users have been asking us how to easily download the animation and audio of their Dreamloops. We’ve implemented a couple UI/UX changes on our website to better accommodate this. Instructions are outlined in the steps below, along with a short tutorial walking you through the process of combining the .gif and .mp3 of your Dreamloops into an .mp4 video that you can share on your social media.

Step 1. Download the music.

We recently changed our UI to make it easier to download the songs associated with your Dreamloops. …

In the recent ecosystem of NFTs there have been some great launches, and some not so great launches (projects which will remain nameless here). Across our social media and communication channels we routinely get inquiries about how we will mitigate the missteps of other NFT releases. While we have answered many of these inquiries already, we think it is prudent to address them in a statement here.

So what is Bitlectro Labs doing to create a smooth launch for Dreamloops?

Within the purchase process we have implemented the following:

  1. A purchase limit of 100 Dreamloops per transaction. This does several things. A purchase limit reduces the amount of gas that can potentially be…

Bitlectro Labs

Creators of Dreamloops, an audiovisual NFT redeemable for physical media (vinyl/cassette). More info at

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